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How Save in Hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer


There’s no doubt that we should really employ a skilled wedding photographer. This photographer can help capture the special moments in our big day. By taking wonderful photos, we can reminisce the things that happened throughout the wedding and we can keep these memories throughout our lifetime.


However, a wedding can cost a lot and naturally if possible we want to lessen the costs in every thing that we need to spend on the wedding. We would like to probably look for a cheaper florist, an inexpensive venue and of course a professional photographer who offers his services at a lower rate compared to others.


There are several ways that we could obtain the services of a professional wedding photographer at a lower cost.


1.    Pay less for an off season wedding.
You will pay less when your wedding is set in off-season. There are some wedding photographers who provide their services at a lower rate during off-season. Since most weddings are being held during summer and fall the cost of wedding photography service on these days are high but then if you pick an off-peak month like November and January you can get a professional wedding photographer cheaply. This is because there is significantly less workload so the professional photographers need to be flexible and open to offering their services at a lower rate so they can still generate profits during off-season.


2.    Surf the internet for wedding photography competitions or discount offers
Wedding photographers usually join photography competitions from time to time and if you’re fortunate you will get a professional one who is willing to cover your wedding for free or at a lower cost in exchange of using your pictures for the competition. Attempt to check online or ask close friends if they know any similar competition. Search also for wedding internet sites that could possibly be offering discounts and contact them if you find them credible and fascinating.


3.    Look for connections.
Like in other businesses, you can grab discounts if you personally know the business owner and in this case when you search for a photographer start by asking your friends if they someone who is an expert wedding photographer. Ask to get connected and then eventually ask for a possible discount. Try to negotiate and lower the rate to something you can afford.


Wedding photos are very essential because it retains the recollections of special event in our lives. Make sure to hire a professional to shoot in your wedding so there is assurance that everything will go perfectly. 


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Factors to Consider in Choosing a Camera Bag


A beginner photographer does not only obtain cameras and different lenses when starting his very own photography business but he really should also purchase a camera bag. A camera bag is very important for all photographers. This carrier protects their costly gear and it aids a photographer bring his equipment easier particularly when traveling to shoot an event.


There are many types of camera bags to select from and the number of bags being offered in the market these days can be overwhelming for a beginner photographer. There are many things to consider in selecting the ideal camera bag for you and to help you pick, here are some guidelines on what to look for in a camera bag.


1.    Go with a bag that matches your type of photography
When looking at various camera bags to choose from, consider the sort of photography you are planning to enter into or the type of shooting you are currently doing. If you cover destination weddings or if you travel all the time, then take into account buying a rolling camera bag that is light and portable and meets international airport standards. Additionally, if you perform landscape photography and regular wedding, you may think of a messenger type camera bag or a back pack.


2.    Search for a comfortable bag.
Most professional photographers whine about the extra weight of their photography equipment and this makes it critical for you to pick a comfortable bag. Consider a bag that has extra padding slings because they help lower the burden you are taking. The drawback though is that certain pads are too thick and this really adds weight to the bag. Make certain to ask what material the bag is made of and try it before purchasing.


3.    Check out the dimensions.
At the beginning, you might only have few photography gear and gadgets but pretty sure about a couple of months you will buy more items. This makes it critical to look at the size of the camera bag you desire to own. The camera bag will need to still have room for other things that you might probably buy and bring when covering functions. 


4.    Select a not too-obvious camera bag
Try to get a camera bag that doesn’t look like it. Camera bags are susceptible to theft because robbers know how really expensive camera equipment can be. There are trendy camera bags available in the marketplace today and these bags can keep you away from spying eyes of thieves.


There is no perfect camera bag but for sure you will find camera bags that will meet your taste and style. Many photographers purchase more than 1 camera bag and so if you can manage to pay for 2 or more bags then that would be wonderful. The most critical thing here is for you to be able to provide protection to your expensive cameras and accessories and for you to be also comfy in holding your things.

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What is Social Media Photography


Do you have any idea what social media photography is? Everyone knows that there many different types of photography just like sports photography, nature, newbornand wedding photography. The kind of photography that is gaining acceptance today is social media photography. A lot of photographers - both professional and amateur are attracted in learning more about social media photography and how they can excel in this field.


With the fast advancement of technology today, a lot of smart phones are manufactured and this led the way for more photo enthusiasts to discover photography and social media. Enhancing of images captured and sharing them on the web have turn out to be simpler because of the many wonderful mobile applications offered these days


How Photographers Could use Social Media

Simply defined, social media photography is the association between taking pictures and posting them in social networking sites just like Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Before, it takes time to post an image from your DSLR camera to your different social media accounts because you have to manually remove first your memory card and edit your image to your personal computer before posting it. These days, you can find new DSLR cameras in the market which can help you quickly modify your photos and upload them on your social media accounts for buddies and customers to see.


This is a great advantage for professional photographers who wish to market their business online. They can easily share their works for the public to see and for them to be able to reach out to more future customers. It is now crucial for skilled photographers to be active in social media sites since there are many clients who love purchasing and doing business on the web.


Making the most of Social Media for Your Business
Whenever you create a profile in social media, you have to make sure that you include your contact information and add pictures. You need to ascertain your reliability and you need to win over the viewing online public. Be honest in what you include and answer all queries or messages sent to you via the web.


With regards, the pictures you share, if you prefer to take photographs utilizing your DSLR and just transfer pictures to your computer later, you need to make sure these pictures are of high-quality. Correct lighting should also be considered to highlight the image you are posting on your social media accounts. It's usually done with a higher ISO setting up to 3200 which will allow you to have more light while shooting faster and with white balance option.


It is also important to have a greater resolution image, since some photos taken by low quality cameras tend to produce blurry and grainy images once uploaded on the internet. It would be a good investment if you would go for a better resolution DSLR camera if you can afford it. Don’t fail to remember to practice and study your camera first.



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Clothes to Wear for a Family Portrait Shoot


Colours can be a big concern when we talk about photo shoots. There are certain color combinations that can make a picture look impressive or terrible. Same is true to family photo shoots. Colors and other elements can make a family portrait either amazing or not.

Selecting the suitable clothes to don is necessary in producing excellent family shots. The outfits that each family member dons should not be too radiant and should not catch too much attention. Bear in mind that the major subjects here are the people and not the clothes. The family ought to make a decision on what color/s to wear. If you mutually select blue, then each must put on a shade of blue.


A portrait photographer should give tips and ideas to the family on what colors to select or what kind of clothing are best to put on in a family portrait. The problem now is that there are some professional photographers who don’t give any support or ideas to the family. There are others who are hesitant to give recommendations for fear that the family may get offended.


Now, the question is, “what clothing should we really wear for a family portrait shoot?”


Here are some of the suggestions to help you choose the proper clothes to don on your family photo shoot.


1.)    Different shades of a single color
The whole family should make a decision on what color or colors to wear. If you decide on 1 color, then have everyone wear that color - doesn’t matter if the shade is dark or light.


2.)    Choose 2 or 3 colors
You can also opt to have 2 or 3 colors. Assign some to put on one color, another group will wear the second chosen color and so on. If possible, have an equal number of persons wear the same color so there’ll be a balance of colors.


3.)    Absolutely no large prints or too bright shirts
Avoid wearing clothes that are too bright or have too large prints. It won’t look good in the pictures.


As a professional portrait photographer, it is important for you to know how to shoot or make images look more creative, exceptional and worth treasuring. Family portraits are very important for your client and the whole family so it is important that you do your best in making the pictures worth keeping. You need to be able to get the shots that they expect. Customer’s satisfaction ought to be one of your primary considerations because satisfied customers can help you be successful in the particular field of photography.

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What is Traditional Wedding Photography?


Wedding photography has evolved a great deal over the past couple of years. There are now lots of wedding photography styles that professional photographers are offering to their soon-to-wed clients. Styles range between simple classic to the more creative modern style.


If you're a newbie photographer who is setting up to start your own business, then it is best that you know which style you are good in and what style/s you are eager to offer to your clients. You should be really skilled and knowledgeable so you don’t dissatisfy your clients. The more happy your clients, the more possibility they will suggest you to their relatives and buddies.


If you'd prefer the concept of classical look, then it is better for you to concentrate in the traditional wedding photography style. Traditional photography style is also called the classic photography style. In this style, you can find more posed family and group shots as well as individual portraits.


Traditional wedding photographers concentrate on showing formal shots of families, group shots of the couple’s good friends, their couple shots and macro shots of the wedding items like bridal dress, rings, and invitation. You seldom see candid shots because the photographer will usually set up and direct the photo shoot.


In this modern time, traditional wedding photographers now included a bit of aesthetic and candid style in the photographs they take. You can now see group shots of friends laughing or doing a cool pose.


As a wedding photographer, it is best for you to be adaptable and receptive about learning the current wedding photography styles. This can help you appeal to more clients and of course become more effective in your job as a skilled wedding photographer.


You can combine artistic and photojournalistic styles to the current traditional wedding photography style you are used to. This will assist you to gain more skills and experience so you can have an edge over other photographers.